Waiting on the winged bean

My winged bean vines taking over the entire trellis

You know what they say about being careful what you asked for – you’ve got to be specific.

Just over 2 months ago, I was complaining about the lack of flowers on our winged bean vines. A month and a half after that, flowers finally appeared. Now, almost a month after the flowers started blooming, we’re still waiting for the appearance of beans. We keep seeing flower buds and occasional flowers, but they keep aborting. It makes me wonder what’s wrong – is the soil not suitable, is there insufficient sunlight, is the trellis not big enough, am I using the wrong fertilizers… what? People say that the winged bean vine produces prolifically, so either the vines still need time to mature, or there’s something wrong somewhere. The base of the vines are definitely matured, though, having thickened and hardened. I suppose all I can do is wait…

I should have asked for flowers to be followed immediately by beans. :(

Winged bean flower buds - now you see 'em, later you won't...

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