And the hairy caterpillar becomes a…

If you’ve followed my blog, you’ll know that I don’t like hairy caterpillars because they’ve destroyed a number of my plants. I’ve often wondered which butterfly or moth is responsible for bringing them here (via eggs, of course), and I’ve finally got an answer, because an insolent hairy caterpillar came into the house and went into cocoon mode!

The caterpillar was first observed resting on the back of a door – or so I thought – until the furry-looking cocoon began forming overnight. As much as I detest these destructive creatures, I was fascinated enough to leave the cocoon alone to see what kind of moth or butterfly it would become.

About a week later, I got the answer:

Fresh from the cocoon...

Now I know, but it doesn’t help, because I haven’t seen this type of moth flying around. It’s got a pretty good camouflage pattern on the wings, hasn’t it? If, however, I see this moth anywhere, I’m going after it with my badminton racket! :P

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And the hairy caterpillar becomes a… — 6 Comments

    • Well they do have a rather erratic flight pattern that can startle, I guess – and they fly at night, mostly… I guess I can relate to that! LOL