This can’t be a Kong!

My disappointing Kong sunflower

Well, this seems to be a week of disappointments where my sunflowers are concerned.

The Kong sunflower plant that seemed to be growing so promisingly has started flowering – at just over half a metre tall! This, coming from a plant I had hoped would grow to more than 3 metres high.


I can’t help but wonder if our odd weather has anything to do with this. It’s alternatively scorchingly hot and extremely rainy. Perhaps the plant got confused. After all, some plants like coriander bolt, or start flowering, when they encounter a period of hot weather (flowering for these plants means the life cycle is nearing the end). Maybe something like that triggered my Kong sunflower plant into blooming early. Or is it behaving normally and will still be able to keep growing taller? Has anyone else grown this sunflower variety and can give me some hope?

Another thing that intrigues me is that the flower is bi-coloured. What’s up with that? Is my plant truly confused or did my seed supplier get some seeds mixed up? The Kong flower is supposed to be yellow!

Well, at least the flower is pretty. :|

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This can’t be a Kong! — 7 Comments

  1. that is Kong sunflower. Only a few seed out of the package can grow to 2 m tall. It seem that they have tried to hybridized bicolor and Kong. But tall ones has uniform color.

    • Well there goes one dream down the drain :( Oh well, the least I can do is try to plant all the seeds I have and hope one of them grows reasonably big.