Caterpillar visitors

Lots of new plants apparently mean the introduction of new caterpillars, among other things. Here are a few of the caterpillars spotted lately:

Our regular buddy, the green hawk moth larvae, caught once again feasting on caladiums

No idea what caterpillar this is, but it is pictured along the edge of a long bean flower

I discovered this chappie when I noticed a leaf of the Ballad sunflower with the edges curled together. When I opened it, I found this caterpillar suspended inside, in a web-like hammock.

The next day, the cocoon had begun to form. I forgot to keep an eye on it as a few rainy days followed. Too bad I opened up the leaf and removed its protection, huh? :P

Finally, the most unusual one - a hairy caterpillar that reminds me of fishing lures!

Now, I’m no expert on caterpillars, so I can’t offer names for these little visitors, but I hope you appreciate their uniqueness as much as I did. We gardeners may not enjoy how they ravage our plants, but it’s just something we have to live with when we flaunt their food sources in our gardens…

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