Hanging by a thread

Little hairy caterpillar just hanging around.

It wasn’t a Monday, nor was it a rainy day when I took this picture, but this hairy caterpillar was definitely just hanging around with nothing to do but frown (if it could!) under our mango tree. It was windy, though, which is why I had a heck of a time getting a picture with the caterpillar vaguely in focus. Why did I bother? Call me evil… I hate those caterpillars because they’ve hurt and destroyed a lot of my plants! So I did take some delight in seeing it swinging helplessly about in the wind at the same height, seemingly unable to move either up or down, even though it was less than half a metre from the ground …for more than an hour! *evil laughter* Ah, cheap paybacks for all the plants they’ve affected…

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