Hello, sunshine!

Newly acquired pink and yellow lantana - sweet isn't it?

The best way to get the weather to change is to complain about it publicly, on the blog… or so it seems to me. A year ago, I complained about how dry and hot it was in March, and a week later, the rain-bearing clouds returned.

Then, about two weeks back, I complained again about the weather being too rainy, and a week ago, the heavy downpours lessened, and we were treated to some nice, sunny days. I didn’t want to mention it too soon in case the rainy monsoons weren’t done yet. But it seems like they are. Done, that is.

Finally, viable eggplant seeds!

The good weather allowed me to get out and start clearing and pruning. One of the sweet potato patches was cleared out. Some plant and tree pruning was done. Old plants and their supports were removed. More seeds were sown and have germinated. Plants were re-potted. Better attention is being bestowed on the plants, and planning is underway for the next phase of things. I’ve been having a good workout and feel great, especially seeing things getting done and the new plants sprouting and developing. Is this spring in the tropics? It sure feels like it! 8)

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