As happy as…

We’ve heard the sayings – as happy as a clam, as happy as a duck in water, as happy as a lark, as happy as a pig in slop…

Well here’s a new one – as happy as a gardener with new seeds! :D

My brother just arrived from Thailand and made me feel like Christmas had come early. I’d asked him to look out for seeds of edible plants and to “surprise me” with his choices – which he did. I’ve been sitting and beaming like an idiot as I admire (yes, even now as I write this!) the various packets of seeds he got me:

More beans - long beans & winged beans.

Eggplant - purple & green varieties.

Thai Basil - sweet & holy varieties.

And angled loofah and moringa oleifera (which he thought was okra... bro needs new glasses! :D)

No doubt I’ve tried growing some of these plants before, and succeeded with a few of them. But, there’s a kind of magic when you hold an unopened packet of seeds in your hands and feel the potential held in all those seeds inside. I get such a kick out of that.

So there’s no putting things off any more – I have to go buy my materials and get some trellises ready for my bean plants. And I need more small pots for all the little plants I’m going to have growing soon (that’s called positive thinking – they will sprout!). Oh, and to get compost so I can amend the soil for the veggies to go in when they’re big enough. Yup, it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I’m kinda easy that way – shh, don’t let that get out… 8)

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As happy as… — 6 Comments

  1. Hee hee. W00t! I have literally hundreds of different packets/types of seeds in store. I think I’m a squirrel. Lol.