We have peppers!

So, four weeks after the flowers began blooming, and two weeks after I hoped fruit were growing, we can proudly announce that we do indeed have pepper paprikas growing in our garden.

Three fruit in a row... what a beautiful sight!

There are currently several fruit developing on the plant, at different stages of growth. Like the flowers, they, too, abort for whatever reason so we could have had more fruits growing than we do now. The largest one is about 7cm long and I’m wondering whether to harvest it or not.

Why am I unsure? Because these seeds were bought for me in Thailand and the instructions on the packet, except for the name, are written in Thai! I’ve never seen or eaten this particular pepper before and don’t know how it will turn out, but I’m simply happy to grow it.

Anyway, the plant still attracts pests, as evidenced by the eaten leaves and marks on the fruits. It looks like a chilli plant and smells like a chilli plant when you crush the leaves, and so it makes sense that it also attracts pests that like the chilli plant.

I’m just happy to have grown it to fruit stage. :)

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