Okrahoma! It’s easy to grow okra at home

Green, fresh and delish!

“Okrahoma” would probably be the Singlish way of saying “Oklahoma”, but we’re not talking about the city or state here – although I understand that that is one of the less flattering nicknames. No, in this case I’m talking about my okra/ladies fingers plants that are growing in my homa…er, home garden right now. Whenever I manage to complete the cycle from seed to fruit, I get impatient to share the experience with you. So here goes…

The story begins with a seed. The seed sprouts and starts growing.

Okra sprout all young and already hairy - a clear sign of the future.


Eager growers, the bunch of them.

It moves from a small home to a wide, open space.

Ooo, so much space to grow and spread out!

It flourishes.

Thriving in the new environment.

It flowers.

I love the okra bloom! It's so gorgeous.

It fruits.

A beautiful sight to this gardener's eyes.

It is harvested.

Fruits of labour.

It’s sweet freshness is appreciated, and it’s story ends … for this post, anyway. :)

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