Easter lilies

Our gorgeous orange Hippeastrum hybrids

It’s Easter and our lilies are in bloom. Oddly enough, in our tropical, equatorial climate, these plants always seem to know that Easter is here because they’re always in full bloom at this time of year. Well, this particular variety of lily anyway.


Our thunder lilies also seem partial to Easter. They don’t bloom often, though, but they’re gorgeous when they do.

Spider lilies

I can’t say that our spider lilies are affected by season, apart from the fact that they decided to show how much they liked the change in weather. Once the dry spell was over, they seemed to take a deep breath and suddenly burst into bloom. We have a nice little cluster of them and they look pretty and… spidery… with the clusters of flowers. These bloom throughout the year.

Wild lilies

My favourite are last — wild lilies that sprout up wherever and whenever they want in our garden. However they get where they do, their leaves blend in with the grass, and the plants are only noticeable when the flowers bloom. They’re always a pleasant surprise, especially when they appear in clusters. I find them finicky because they grow where they want to grow, and not always where you put them. I’ve transplanted them a few times, trying to make a bed, only to have them die out (or so I thought). Then, months or even years later, they suddenly pop up where I’d moved them to, and I find myself happily surprised once more.

However you celebrate Easter this weekend, I hope you have an enjoyable one. Happy Easter! :)

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