‘Tis flowering season!

Flowers of the Dracaena Surculosa

We’ve had pots of Japanese bamboo (aka Dracaena Surculosa) around home for the longest time. As far as I knew, they’re foliage plants. So it was with great surprise that we spotted a bunch of flowers last week on our Dracaena Surculosa Punctulata, that bloomed for just one day. Aptly enough, it was my father’s birthday – and he got the plant, so many years ago. What a lovely gift to him!

Beans in bloom

My snap beans have reached maturity after 6 weeks. The first flowers have begun to emerge, and here are the pictures of their first days…

The flowers begin to form

The flower begins to take shape

The flowers develop some more...

...and more ...

The petals begin to emerge

Here’s hoping that the unusually hot weather we’re experiencing now doesn’t affect the plants adversely!

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