The new passionfruit trellises

All three of our passionfruit plants with their new growing cages. I’m considering joining the tops so that the vines can intermingle and cross-pollinate.

Well, I finally got my act in order and went to the hardware shop to get the wire to complete my passionfruit trellises. They’re actually more like oversized tomato cages – three long poles are stuck into each pot, with a few rings of wire attached at different heights.

A closer look – this is one of my neater efforts… ;)

I don’t normally work with wire, so anyone who looks closely (in person) will notice that most of the rings are attached using different methods – that is, until I found one that I liked, and stuck to it…

As you can see, the plants are still growing rapidly. Not only are they taller but they are also branching out a lot everywhere! I hope that the “tomato cage” idea will be suitable for them, and more importantly, that the supports don’t eventually give way!

I also hope that they will be able to provide some form of shade and protection to the big bird’s nest fern that once flourished under our old apple mango tree, but has been struggling valiantly to keep growing after we cut the tree down due to disease.

Nicest of all, though is the way the area around the fern is shaping up. I’m starting to get some landscaping itches… ;)

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