Meet the snake gourd flowers

Well, the green snake gourd flowers have finally started blooming.

The male flower buds came first:

Green snake gourd male flower buds.

And then they started to bloom:

Although they bud in a bunch, the male flowers bloom individually.

Then the first female flower bud came along:

The female flower bud of the green snake gourd reminds me of a giraffe! The top of the bud looks like the head, and the stem is the neck, while the fruit is the body. Don't you agree? :D

And finally, here is the female flower in bloom:

The female green snake gourd flower looking all feminine with the lacy white petals. See the mini fruit at the base of the stem? That's one way to identify the female flower of a cucurbitaceae.

So there you have them, the flowers that will hopefully soon result in the fruits! Stay tuned…

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