The Ma Had Thai caladium

What's not to love about this beautiful plant?

I am in love with my Ma Had Thai caladium plant!

As mentioned in a previous post, I bought it before Christmas last year because its colours really put me in the yuletide mood…

The leaves are a deep, almost maroon, red, with lighter pink speckles scattered across the surface of the leaf. In contrast, the main leaf veins and stalks are a dusky black – creating an overall picture that appeals tremendously to my artistic side (such as it is).

What’s more, the plant recently sent up a flower spike that – not surprisingly – sent me into more artistic raptures…

Once again, the stem was dusky black, but the whole flower bud – especially the rounded base – was so beautifully decorated with dark speckles on lighter yellow and green that I was lost in the creativity of the designs.

The artistic flower bud as it grew.

Yes, I am in love… :P

Just look at the view from the underside of the leaf - isn't it like a stained glass window? *swoon*

I blame my parents for my weakness where caladiums are concerned. Various forms of these colourfully-decorated heart-shaped leafed plants have come and gone in our home over the years, and will continue to do so, since I’ve inherited my parents’ genes. Besides that, caladiums do very well in our tropical climate are are very nice perennials to have around. Wouldn’t you agree?

Finally, the anthurium-like Ma Had Thai flower in what I consider full bloom.

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The Ma Had Thai caladium — 4 Comments

  1. Great colour.

    The only one we’ve had is the common dark green with red rim and white spots. I’ve now got 2 leaf begonias (begonia rex), but I can’t say at this point they give me as much joy as my edibles…

    • Ah, nothing beats watching the veggies growing! But I realize you’ve got to have other annuals and perennials to tide you over when the edibles die off.
      When you say red rim, do you mean the edge of the leaf or the veins? Because I’ve got the latter but not the former… ;)
      And if you’re interested, I got this caladium from AMK. Think I saw a couple of pots last time I was there.

  2. You’re right. It’s been so long that I’ve forgotten which are the red parts.
    This looks most like what we used to have:

    The rains are so bad I’m just trying to keep what I’ve got alive! So caladiums are for next year I think! thanks for reminding me about caladiums!

    • Rats. I was hoping it would be a different variety from mine. :) I shall go prowl around the nurseries for new ones soon.
      Hope the rain is just sporadic, but it’s already getting me into the Christmas mood…