The Dahlberg Daisy

The small but eye-catching Dahlberg daisy

I’ve finally got pretty yellow Dahlberg Daisies in bloom! They’re tiny little things – only 10-15mm across – but they’re bright and quite eye-catching, with leaves and stems that have an unexpected citrussy scent.

Of course, my excitement is because the seeds took forever to sprout – months and months sure seemed like forever to me, anyway! – and once they started, more and more seemed to pop up where I thought there weren’t any more seeds.

Such are the surprises when you grow things from seed…

So, since I had a few sprouts growing, I decided to let them share bigger pots with my young brinjal plants. The eldest daisy plant displayed a tendency to fall over and spread out, which is what I wanted for those potted plants. I had planted the young brinjal plants in bigger pots, in anticipation of their needing space to grow. However, each time it rained, wet soil would splatter and coat the small brinjal plants. I wanted something to provide ground cover, but not overpower the brinjal plants, either. So the daisy seemed apt. Whether I’ve made the right decision remains to be seen. For now, though, the Dalhberg daisy plants are growing steadily, spreading out and starting to bud, and I can’t wait to see what they look like when they reach their full potential!

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    • LOL. I just read that they do well in dry climates. That should be good when the rains are less frequent – or so I hope!